A Very Radical Invitation from Milt Rodriguez


Caution: I am about to make you a very radical proposal and invitation. Only those serious (I mean REALLY serious!) radical followers of Jesus Christ need to read any further. Those who do not really care about knowing Christ in a deeper way and living together with other Christians according to what we read in the New Testament need not apply.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself and what we do.

My wife, Mary, and I have been working among organic New Testament style churches for the last twenty-six years. We have written numerous books and articles on this topic which you can view here.

View our books here.

Listen to our audios here.

We have also traveled all over the United States and several other countries speaking at conferences and planting organic churches. We have trained other younger believers to plant churches. And we have worked together with other like-minded brothers such as Frank Viola and Jon Zens. (Please understand that these churches are not institutional, traditional, or conventional by any means. These are "communities" of believers who share their lives with one another with Jesus Christ as their Center, Head, and Life. They are learning to live by His life individually AND together. Every member functions under the leading and headship of Christ.)

We now sense that we have come to a place where we can make the following offer.

Over a year ago we moved to Western Colorado. We sensed this move as being from the Lord for several reasons.

     * For us to take a break after nine years of traveling full time planting organic churches.

     * To eventually setup and run a spiritual retreat center. This was a vision we had over twenty years ago. Once it is built we will invite groups of believers to come and stay for a week to learn to know the Lord in a deeper way.

     * To train young new workers to help and establish new churches. This will begin in Spring of 2019.

     * To plant new organic churches in Western Colorado beginning in Spring of 2019.

So...here is the special offer we are making. Please understand that this offer is only for a select group of Christians. It's not for everyone who flies under the banner of Christian or those who were raised in a church environment or had some kind of "experience" at one time or another.

This offer is only for those born-again believers who are serious about:

    -- The Lord Jesus Christ and knowing this Lord deeply and completely.

    -- God's eternal purpose which is the fullness of Christ expressed in His body.

    -- Laying down their lives for this purpose and the expression thereof.

    -- Making the kingdom of God the number one priority in their lives. "Seek first the kingdom of God."

    -- Trusting God to take care of all their needs when they put Him first.

    -- Coming in "fear and trembling" and yet excited to be a part of a group of believers who desire to be His kingdom, family, body, bride, house, and new creation community.

    -- Willing to "forsake all" to follow Him. (Luke 14: 26-35) Did Jesus really mean this? Wasn't it just a parable or something? Certainly the Lord couldn't have literally meant for us to leave all to follow Him!

In other words, we are looking for believers who are sold out to Jesus Christ and His true expression which is the church!

All I ask is that you seek the Lord about moving to Western Colorado in Spring of 2019. We only want those believers who sense that God has called them to come. This would be for the purpose of establishing new organic churches in this area. Mary and I (and perhaps a few other folks) will be planting them.

Note: For those of you who currently are involved with a church that we have planted: we are definitely not asking you to leave your church. If you feel that God wants you to stay there and the church is still functional then please stay! But if the church is no longer meeting and functioning then by all means please consider this invitation before the Lord. Please also understand that we firmly believe that "when God guides, God provides". This means that we cannot help you financially to visit or move here. But if God is indeed calling you to do so He will abundantly supply the needs. He will supply for you to visit, He will supply for you to move, and He will supply for you while you live here! Also, for those considering moving here from other countries: We can help with paperwork (or sponsorship) regarding visas and such but cannot help with any fees pertaining to visas.

This invitation is for those who are hungry and seeking for more of Christ and His Body.

If that's you, then please email me directly at milt@therebuilders.org and we can start a conversation about it. I can also send you some information about demographics on this area.

NOTE: If you have no intention on considering this invitation then there is no need to reply.

Here is some demographic information on Western Colorado and the area in which we live:

Colorado - Western Slope
Jobs in the Western Slope
Colorado - Travel Facts
Delta County

When you email me please include the following information:

    -- Your name and location

    -- Married or single (how many in the family?)

    -- Are you familiar with our ministry at all? What books have you read? Conferences attended, etc.

    -- How long have you been a Christian? What is your religious background?

    -- How did you hear about this special invitation?

I look forward to hearing from you.

You brother in His purpose, in His kingdom,

Milt Rodriguez